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Helpful Hints

1. Tips on Buying a Food Processor

(1) Buy a size to meet your needs.

(2) Review processing functions but also allow room for creativity.

(3) Look at the design.

(4) When budget and experience are limited, start small.

(5) Check on availability of parts.

(6) Consider warranty and maintenance.

(7) Always choose a processor based on useful functions to suit your tastes.


2. Tips on How to Use a Food Processor

(1) Assemble the food processor using the instructions in the manual.

(2) Clean your food processor every time before and after use.

(3) Cut large pieces of the ingredients that you want to process into smaller pieces.

(4) Remove the lid and add the ingredients that you need to process into the container.

(5) Close the lid firmly to prevent leakages while the food is being processed.

(6) Continue to process the food with intermittent pauses.

(7) Open the lid and take out the food once it has attained the right texture.

(8) Read recipes to learn about more ways to use a food processor.


3. Tips on How to Clean a Food Processor

(1) Take the food processor apart.

(2) Wash the removable pieces.

(3) Wipe down the base or motor.

(4) If your processor is smelly, mix a 1 to 1 ratio of baking soda and water. Store it in the bowl of the processor

     for 10-15 minutes. It will absorb odors.

(5) Nylon brushes can help clean blades without as much danger of cutting yourself.

(6) Be sure to dry all the pieces thoroughly to prevent bacteria growth or damage.


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