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Brief introduction of the meat cutter machine


Brief introduction——SY-MC500S & SY-MC800S


These two large meat cutters are all vertical type; they are suitable for large catering or meat processing enterprises.


There are two motors that can be controlled separately, so you can cut the meat into strip once. 

You can change the steels to cut with certain thickness according to your needs. The external cantilevered knife set makes it convenient to clean the machine.


There are wheels under the machine, which makes the machine can be moved easily. 

They are equipped with magnetic induction device, won’t start with exposed knife set


The main difference between these two machines is about the transmission parts

SY-MC500S: worm wheel

SY-MC800S: two stage speed change with belt and motorcycle chain

ModelPowerNet Weight
SY-MC500S550*2 W76KG
500 KG/H530*510*860 MM
SY-MC800S750*2 W143KG
800 KG/H680*660*930 MM 


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