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User manual for electric deck oven—1



1. Do not block the ventilation hole

2. Do not put flammable objects in the oven; otherwise it will cause a fire.

3. The oven will be very hot after operating; don’t touch the heating element inside the oven.

4. Check whether the control knob is turned off before you leave.

5. Do not pull the wire directly to pull out the plug.

7.  Half open the door for about 5 seconds at first, then completely open it and take out foods.



1. Switch off the power supply before cleaning.

2. Thoroughly wash and dry with a soft cloth or fur after cleaning

3. Clean the sweets and jams left in the oven. If these substances stick to the oven for too long, they may damage the enamel in the oven cavity.



1. There is a nameplate on the oven door; you can see the technical data, registration number and trademark. Do not tear off the nameplate.

2. Do not allow your children close to the machine


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  • walter
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