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SY-FM5S Home Use Stand Mixer Introduction


SY-FM5S Home Use Stand Mixer Introduction

Dimension: 350*230*400 MM

Voltage: 220V 50Hz

Power: 300W

Capacity: 5.5L

Speed: 1080RPM

Net Weight: 20.8KG

Flour Mixing: 0.5-0.8KG/Time

Cream Mixing: 1.5KG/Time

Arms: Hook,Whipper,Beater

1. With Safety Guard, stainless steel 304.

2. Anti-magnetic interference designed the PCB.

3. Power off automatically once put up the head, and must restart again after put down the head.

4. Overloading protection, machine will totally stop after be blocked by mixture in 6 seconds.

5. DC motor, less noisy, step-less speed adjusting.

6. Automatic feedback system.

7. The material of the bowl, safety cover and the paddles are stainless steel 304.

8. Full CE standard product.


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